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Thor Morris
Thor Morris
April 20, 2022.
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Nem from Metropolis City Surveyors was approachable, responsive and professional. Nem did a contour survey for me to facilitate building design then several months later did the building setout (once the design was through council). Prices were very reasonable, I can highly recommended.
Helen McKeon
Helen McKeon
April 20, 2022.
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Very professional

Local Land Surveyors Wollongong

The team at Surveyor Wollongong has over 25 years of combined experience in various industries, including engineering and construction – to name a few! As the premier surveyor service in Wollongong, we pride ourselves on creating and delivering accurate surveys that are cost-effective. What sets us apart is the level of expertise our surveyors have to provide exceedingly detailed results at competitive prices.

Surveying can be a difficult task to undertake, especially without the right tools or knowledge. That’s why Surveyor Wollongong have been able to help so many people over the years with boundary marking, strata subdivision, setout survey, detail surveys and contour surveys, to name a few. The experts at Surveyors Wollongong are experienced professionals who ensure that every job gets done efficiently and effectively.

At Survey Wollongong, we can handle all types of residential, civil and commercial developments. Our local and registered surveyors in Wollongong can take care of all your surveying needs, ranging from registering plans to property setouts, WAE surveys, identification surveys, through to roads, high-rise setouts, mining, and civil works surveys. A successful project must have the foundation of an experienced surveyor, and at Surveyor Wollongong (SW), you can rest assured that we offer comprehensive and cost-efficient solutions.

At Survey Wollongong, our experts possess the knowledge, training, and experience to manage and execute all kinds of property projects. If you are looking to buy land, construct a new dwelling, or make a subdivision plan, we’ve got you covered. If you think your needs and specifications are different and ambitious, worry not because we have the best technology and team of Surveyors in Wollongong to help you out. 


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WAE (Work As Executed)

Local councils require the presentation of a Work As Executed Survey (WAE) or As-Built Survey, which must be signed and authenticated by a Registered Surveyor Wollongong. This is done to signify and complete the construction of the building formally. WAE surveys can also be utilised in guaranteeing that the works comply with the approved design plans of engineers and architects. This survey proves to be beneficial for the position and levels of the constructed road and underground systems.


Boundary Marking

Surveyor Wollongong features a wide array of world-class residential survey solutions to help you get the correct data and information before you can legally establish an easement, put up a new fence, and subdivide your lots. Observing this will enable you to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. Our team of pros can help you with any of your projects, regardless of the size. 

Strata Subdivision

This type of subdivision survey usually resorts to townhouses or units, or more so for those who plan to put up infrastructure adjacent to the proposed lot. Surveyor Wollongong has helped countless plan developers and owners in subdividing buildings. We will be your expert help in handling all aspects of your projects surveying needs.

Setout Survey

A Setout survey is done to assess and put with finality the cadastral metes and bounds, including the position of structures located within the property’s premises. You are guaranteed that our team will execute everything per the plans approved by the Council. Our expertise lays the perfect foundation for a successful project. 

    Contour Survey

    Survey Wollongong uses only the latest technology and the highly skilled staff to give our clients fast, accurate and cost-efficient services. This type of survey can be done in hard copy and digital versions, and our services can even be personalised to fit your project specifications.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    How much does it cost to have a piece of property surveyed in Wollongong, Australia?

    The cost is dictated by so many factors such as the size, shape, location, and nature of the land. But as a starting and average price, property surveying ranges between $165-$250 per hour. The cost can go even higher when your property is oddly shaped and that access to it isn’t easy. To expound on the factors affecting surveying cost, consider these:

    •    Where is your property located – The location of your property plays an important role in coming up with the cost of the surveying. If there are many trees, plants, and rock formations, you must expect that you will be charged a higher rate. 
    •    What is the measurement of your land – When you have a big property, it usually follows that the cost for its survey will be proportional to its size. 
    •    How irregular the shape of your land is– If your land is irregularly shaped, then marking the boundaries can prove to be quite a challenge. The surveyors compensate themselves by charging a higher cost. 
    •    How is access to your property like – Being located in higher areas where access is quite complex, the cost of charging for your property survey will be higher too.
    What does a land surveyor do in Australia?

     A land surveyor is a professional who does fieldwork or does office work. Either way, it can be said that the work of a surveyor is ever-changing, depending on the assignment and the requirements that must be accomplished within a given set of time. Usually, a land surveyor in the field uses technology to measure and map out the property area. This is done through GPS and other advanced technology that facilitates a more accurate measurement. 

    When surveyors land in the office, they are usually limited to using computer programs that help them convert their inputs from the fieldwork into a more readable version for their clients. This is especially helpful when the scale of their project is quite extensive, such as constructing a tunnel, a skyscraper or a big road. They also team up with other professionals, such as an architect, engineer and even a land appraiser.

    Do I need a survey to put up a fence in Wollongong?

    The fence is essentially the best way to put a limit or to mark the boundary of your property. However, when your fence is built on the wrong area or when it encroaches upon the property of your neighbour, then that could be a problem. Thus, it is wise to have a survey conducted to avoid further complications and disputes with your neighbours. 

    For instance, if you placed the fence on the adjacent property, then it becomes part of that property and solely belongs to the other property owner. However, when the fence is built precisely on the line delimiting the two properties, then it is owned and maintained by you and the other property owner. 

    What is the difference between a land survey and a boundary survey?

    A land survey finds application in the measurement of structures, lands and any other improvements to it. It is performed with the use of maths, technology, and other sciences. But, when it comes to boundary survey, it involves the creation and establishment of metes and bounds. This is resorted to by buyers of lands as a safeguard against potential disputes later on.

    Do I need a boundary survey in Australia?

    A boundary survey is recommended before purchasing a property and is a critical step before building on any land. This is to exact the measurement of a particular piece of land. Thus, it does play a key role in planning, designing, and developing land subdivisions and the future construction of establishments, improvements, and roads. 

    A boundary survey also protects landowners from being deprived of certain areas of their land.

    Why Surveyors Wollongong?

    Surveyor Wollongong offers quality services to give our clients the best property surveys for residential or commercial areas. Our surveying methods and services have remained unparalleled until today. Choosing us, thus, is never a poor decision. When you do finally decide to entrust us your project, we will be with you, working closely in every phase of the project, from getting the local Council’s approval and more:

    • We will ensure that your property receives the right land description.
    • We will be working with the property or building owner to help make the design and help plan out based on our property surveys.
    • We will help you maximise the use of the property and team up with other experts.
    • We will make sure that all of our surveys are compliant with the local regulations to ensure the safety of everyone. 

    Surveyor Wollongong boasts the most advanced technology and data collection methods for surveying properties. We do this to get the most accurate data collection and give you the best solutions. We also have ties with many other surveyors in the NSW region to collaborate and work with on larger projects. 

    At our company, we value our clients highly. With this, we want to make sure that they only get top-quality services at very competitive rates. Don’t worry about hidden charges and surprise fees because they are not in our vocabulary. We tell you the costs upfront, and should there be any further expenses, we will provide you with appropriate documents and a breakdown of costs before the extra work commences. 

      Trust us – because we prioritise our client’s needs more than anything else. We only offer cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve their goals while keeping up with their budget. Please find out more about our amazing deals. Contact us today.

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