Detail Surveys

Setout Survey

For a detail survey in Wollongong, there exist points and guide markers to set out and to ensure that an accurate construction of a building is done. For instance, large-scale projects, such as developments and skyscrapers, usually need several setting out surveys to make sure continuity as the project progresses. Thus, this type of survey is often resorted to for all construction projects that must exist within a strict boundary, such as:

  • Building Extensions
  • Construction of Any Dwelling and Parks
  • Projects for Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels

Performing a Setout Survey

At Surveyor Wollongong, we understand the necessity of having a firm understanding of the need to have someone perform a setout survey, and so the setout engineer is responsible for:

  • Levelling the Site
  • Surveying the Site
  • Managing Quality Control
  • Documenting the Site
  • Conducting Meetings
  • Addressing Technical Issues
  • Planning the Work
  • Being Mindful of Possible Issues

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Setout also referred to as “staking out” or “laying out, ” is deemed a practice of transferring the building design onto the property. This is to ensure that the workers can follow it during actual production and construction. For all your setout survey needs, contact Surveyor Wollongong.

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