Subdivision Survey

Strata Subdivision

Strata subdivision survey allows for the confirmation of ownership of cubic space. This type of survey can be applied to the inside or outside of a building, according to its height and depth. Moreover, a strata survey is vital for creating common areas within the premises of the common property. 

This provides the owner of each property with an opportunity to have their remarks about the strata scheme. Ultimately, this allows for the creation of lots below the minimum lot size, according to the Torrens title subdivision. Further, strata schemes can be created on several types of land uses, such as;

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Types

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In practice, a strata subdivision survey contains the description of common property, which can be in a pool or other recreational room, a driveway, walls of the building, and other commonly owned areas. The owners of the property take charge of the management and upkeep of all common property. Below are the types of strata surveys:

Strata Plan

 A strata plan is the first and only plan that establishes the strata scheme.

Strata Plan Of Subdivision

This plan allows for the subdivision of existing lots and common property within the strata scheme.

Strata Plan Of Consolidation

This plan incorporates two or more lots founded within the strata scheme into one lot.

Strata Plan Of Building Alteration

This plan is needed when the limits and delimitation of the boundary of a strata lot are being impinged by the construction.

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